TCTL™ (Thermal-Cryo-Thermal-Lipo)

TCTL™ (Thermal-Cryo-Thermal-Lipo) Fat-Freezing, is a process we use to target and kill unwanted fat cells. The first stage is heat, which loosens up the fat cells and makes them more accessible to kill. Next is the cold stage that actually kills fat cells permanently. The last stage is heat again, which will help firm the area. A patient can expect to lose about 20% of the fat thickness of the targeted area.

We are so confident in our method, that we offer a visual results guarantee! If you don’t see a noticeable change when comparing your before and after pictures, the second round is on us! That said, most of our patients see positive changes by the 3rd or 4th week and will want to do the procedure again.


  • 1 Large Area – $299
  • 2 Large Areas – $499
  • 4 Large Areas – $699
  • 12 Large Areas – $1699
  • 18 Large Areas – $1999